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-- Examination --


Type of Exam                             Tentative Period 2020-21 Session

1.    Quarterly (PT-1)                     April 3rd  Week

2.    Half Yearly                             September 2nd  Week

3.    Pre-Annual (PT-3)                  December 3rd  Week

4.    Annual                                    February 3rd  Week

Re-Admission 7  March to 16th March 2021.

We have started a new pattern of examination from Session 2018-19 where the student will face all creative questions from the book that will not be prepared by teachers. All examinations will be of Board Pattern. For this we have adopted a new teaching method which is called 3-Q Method means Three Questions Method.

The three questions are “What”, “Why” and “How” respectively. At the time of teaching Teacher will prepare the student through interaction by applying the 3-Q Method so that the mind of the student be analytical knowledge oriented. In every week there will be weekly test for each subject in specific test Copy Provided to students. The Test Copy will be checked by teachers, authority and signed by Parents regularly.

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