-- Examination --


Type of Exam                              Tentative Period

1.    Quarterly (PT-1)                     April 3rd  Week

2.    Half Yearly                              September 2nd  Week

3.    Pre-Annual (PT-2)                  December 3rd  Week

4.    Annual                                     February 3rd  Week

Re-Admission 7th  March to 12th March every year.

We have started a new pattern of examination from the Session 2018-19 where the student will face all creative questions from book that will not be prepared by teachers. All examination will be of Board Pattern. For this we have adopted a new teaching method which is called 3-Q Method means Three Questions Method.

The three questions are “What” , “Why” and “How” respectively. At the time of teaching Teacher will prepare the student through interaction by applying 3-Q Method so that the mind of the student be analytical knowledge oriented.

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